Eco Friendly Packaging

This year we were thrilled to announce the transition of our entire range to move into more sustainable packaging, beginning with our Collagen Beauty Bars packaged in 100% home compostable wrappers. The wrappers are completely plant-based, predominantly from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. For every tree harvested to create the wrapper, another tree is planted. These wrappers will break down within 26 weeks once disposed of in a compostable environment, leaving no traces of eco toxins in the soil. Worms will love eating the packaging just as much as you will love eating what’s inside!

The next step on our journey is to move our sachets and other bars into home compostable packaging. It's important that we start transitioning these first, as we produce the most units of our sachets and bars, therefore switching them to 100% home compostable will reduce our impact the most. Once our current sachets and bars have sold out for each product, all future manufacturing runs will be in the home compostable sachets and bar wrappers, beginning in July. 

The next transition phase will be moving all of our Broth and Latte range into 100% home compostable pouches. This is a huge process, and requires testing many different sustainable and plant based inks, glues and labels, but one we’re excited to be doing.

After this, we will tackle the only things left in our range: our tubs and the transparent pouches that The Wholefood Pantry products are in. Our tubs are currently 100% recyclable and made from recycled plastic, but we are committed to finding a more sustainable option.

Another part of our sustainable packaging journey is to remove any unnecessary plastics. We recently removed all plastic scoops from our Collagen and Gelatin products, which will go a long way to eliminating waste.

We will keep an updated list on this page of all our products that have made the switch.