Nutrition & Workout Guide

Nutrition & Workout Guide


To help you get the best results possible with Collagen Build, we have teamed up with expert fitness trainers Revie Jane and Clayton Schulz to bring you a wholesome nutrition and workout guide to tone your body, build muscle and reduce fat mass.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, just starting out, or you’ve had a break for quite some time, we have created this guide as an educational tool to support you on your journey to improving your body composition.

Improving your body composition, meaning increasing muscle mass whilst decreasing fat mass, is a combination of a nutrient-rich, balanced diet, the right supplementation (hint: Collagen Build), together with resistance training. Nutra Organics nutritionist Lisa Baker brings you the nutrition side, and Revie Jane & Clay have designed an effective guide of 20 workouts to build muscle in your desired areas.