A styled Christmas table is one of those things we do to make Christmas dinner a little extra special, but do we ever give much thought to the kids table beyond a few miss-matching chairs and some leftover bonbons? Perhaps not, but this year we decided to give some helpful hints to bring a little sparkle to your kids table decoration.

Christmas Table set with colourful dishes and food

1. Tablecloth but make it fun! Visit a fabric store and choose a patterned fabric that is bright and fun. You can pick up some fabrics for only a few dollars.


two mothers sitting at the christmas table with their babies on their laps

2. Mix your textures with an even more fun table runner! Choose fabric to layer onto your tablecloth that is either similar shapes or colour theme, but doesn’t match perfectly.  Make sure you get this fabric cut in the same length as the table cloth.

3. Ramp up the festive fun with ribbon. Choose some ribbon in your colour theme and layer it around the table for extra detail.

4. Plates, cups and napkins don’t need to be fancy, paper plates are great for reducing the clean up. Try to find some in the same colour scheme as your tablecloth and runner.

5. Table Decorations for the win! For any crafty kids looking for a creative outlet we recommend making some simple table decorations to tie it all in. Stay tuned for our step by step Paper Tree place decorations tutorial coming soon!

6. Kids recipes made specifically for them will not only give a better chance of the food actually being eaten, but will also make it all feel extra special. Check out our kid approved Christmas crowd pleasers here

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