You’ve spent time choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones, what better way to make the gift extra special than to create some beautiful DIY wrapping. Here we’ve summed up some very easy and affordable ways to take your gift wrapping to the next level.

1. Gingerbread man tags - our gingerbread recipe isn’t just for the kids! It's a beautiful way to add a homemade finishing touch to your gift wrapping. Just add a little hole in the dough for the ribbon to thread through and ensure you choose icing that will harden.

2. Painted kraft paper - It’s simple, it’s creative and it’s fun! Simply roll out lengths of brown kraft paper, choose one or two colours of paint (gold and white work nice); paint streaks, dots, solid colour and splatters in different areas of the paper, so that the gifts match but aren’t exactly the same pattern. Allow to dry before cutting up and finish off with some kitchen twine.

3. Pretty plants tucked into the wrapping make a beautiful earthy touch. Choose plants that dry well like baby's breath, rosemary or pine. Cut a small sprig off the plant for each gift and tuck it on an angle diagonally under the twine or ribbon.

4. Dried orange rounds make a great little addition to gift wrapping details. Follow the dried orange garland recipe but instead only thread one or two on the string and wrap either vertically or horizontally a few times to create a rustic look. Pair with craft paper or a simple design to bring this look together.

5. Furoshiki wrapping is used with fabric rather than paper. It’s a great way to save on wrapping by using fabric you already have to make reusable wrapping. Follow this video instruction here

6. Create your own designed wrapping. This is definitely a little extra but why not if gift giving is your love language; the wrapping is a part of the whole experience. Apps like Canva are an easy tool to use to create shapes and colours that you love. Pick two to three colours and patterns. Lay them out on a document big enough to wrap your presents and get the files printed at your local office print shop. Match it with ribbon in the same colour theme. If you don’t fancy designing your own but want that bespoke wapping feel, download these digital files we used for our Christmas campaign and send them off to print!

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