Get peace of mind with this brand new flavour packed full of nutritional value guaranteed to simplify your family wellbeing. 

They say good things come in threes, and we couldn’t agree more. Introducing the newest member of our thriving family, Thriving Protein Strawberries & Cream. Get peace of mind with this brand new flavour packed full of nutritional value guaranteed to simplify your family wellbeing. Now you can choose from three classic favourites that make up this thriving trio, Smooth Vanilla, Classic Cacao Choc and the new kid on the block Strawberries & Cream.

Thriving Protein Strawberries & Cream delivers a wholesome boost of protein, calcium, iron, selenium, vitamins C, D, E, folate and other B vitamins all from organic wholefoods to support optimal health and wellbeing. With sprouted and bio-fermented pea and brown rice proteins combined with prebiotic and 1 billion CFU of probiotics per serve, you can take your protein with confidence that you are giving your gut the goodness it needs to thrive. Suitable for ages 12 months and up, so little tummies can easily digest all the essential nutrients and vitamins too.

The new lady in pink follows suit to her predecessors and remains an organic plant based protein, with 17 vitamins and minerals, is pregnancy + breastfeeding friendly and available in our sustainable plastic free canisters. Summer in Australia sees us reaching for lighter options in foods, iced drinks and anything that screams fresh. So it’s the perfect time to launch this fresh new flavour and refresh your summer smoothies, snacks and meals. 

2-3 heaped tablespoons will see you supporting growth and development, supporting tissue building and repair, supporting immunity, supporting digestion, restoring muscle and bone strength, and giving yourself sustainable energy to get through your day.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you about one of our favourite ingredients in our Thriving Proteins (amongst other goodies) and that is Ganeden BC30. There’s a reason it’s the most famous probiotic strain on the market, and here at Nutra Organics® we are huge fans of this patented, award-winning probiotic superstar. Ganeden is a spore forming probiotic that is able to survive high temperatures, oxygen exposure, and the low pH of the stomach. Ganeden is also backed by research with several published articles that demonstrate its benefits which include: digestive support, immune support and protein utilisation. 

Studies have shown that most microorganisms are quickly killed off in the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach and upper digestive tract. And because these bacteria are fragile, they require refrigeration to remain viable. Whereas Ganeden has a protective cover around it, making it the perfect solution for shelf stable food products that survive through the gastrointestinal tract. If Ganeden was a contestant on ‘Probiotic Survivor’, it would be a clear winner. 

Same old superstars and a brand new flavour that you didn’t know you’ve been missing, like strawberry kisses! Free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, additives, non GMO, dairy and gluten free and suitable for vegans, you can get your hands on the new flavour now or choose from Cacao Choc or Smooth Vanilla, to start thriving today! 


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