No need to last minute rush the most important thing leading up to Christmas (planning the festive feast, of course!) at the speed of santa. Our Christmas Cheers Recipe Collection is back, this time with a colourful mediterranean twist!

No need to last minute rush the most important thing leading up to Christmas (planning the festive feast, of course!) at the speed of santa. Our Christmas Cheers Recipe Collection is back, this time with a colourful mediterranean twist!

All too often when a crowd of family and friends are gathered together, so many dietary requirements can make creating a Christmas menu tricky. With this in mind, we put together a collection of colourful, fun and festive share plate style recipes with plenty of options that cater to just about everyone - vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten and dairy intolerant individuals and everything in between.

The one thing all recipes have in common is that they are made from pure wholefoods, are (almost) completely clean and free from any nasties, and are a jolly good time!

We include clean festive cocktails in our recipes, because: A) they’re delicious, B) they’re mostly clean, spiked with nutrition, and are a more wholesome alternative to most cocktail recipes you can find, C) why the heck not, it's holiday time! Let’s celebrate with a cocktail or two and cheers in Christmas and New Years!

We have created these recipes just for you to enjoy with your family and friends over the holiday season, to inspire the entertainer within you to put on an unforgettable Christmas feast, and to spread Christmas cheer via delicious, wholesome food and cocktails. So enjoy, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and everything in between!



Frosty Margarita

Frosty Margarita

The one time it's okay to eat the yellow snow is in the scorching heat of Christmas day with our Frosty Margarita in hand. Featuring our Lemon Lime Collagen Beauty, this zesty crowd-pleaser will cool you down and get you glowing.



Festive Flatbread

This recipe is the delicious gluten-free love child of a focaccia and a pizza. The base is a satisfying bready-biscuity texture and the toppings are simple yet effective, making this recipe an absolute winner to have alone, but also a great way to transport more food into your mouth!


Banoffee Pie Cocktail

Banoffee Pie Cocktail

As per our Christmas Cheers tradition, we have cocktail-afied one of our all time favourite desserts, Banoffee Pie, into a creamy, caramelly, peanut buttery cocktail of our boozy banana toffee dreams. You’ll go bananas for this one, promise.


Mezze Board

Wholesome Summer Mezze Board

No gathering is complete without a centrepiece mezze board. Rather than the usual store bought crackers, cheeses and preserved meats, we’ve given it our wholesome twist with pure wholefoods.


Watermelon Haloumi Granola

Watermelon, Haloumi and Savoury Granola

This dish is a definite crowd pleaser, it looks beautiful and makes you look like a sophisticated culinary genius.


Mrs Clausmopolitan

Mrs Clausmopolitan

For the elegant lady who would like to outshine the Christmas tree with her holiday glow, our Mrs Clausmopolitan featuring our Waterberry Collagen Beauty will do exactly that. It tastes of juicy watermelon and sweet strawberry, it's low in sugar but tastes naughty, and is a Christmas present to your own skin, hair and nails. Cheers to that!


Chocolate Mousse

Boozy Black Forest Chocolate Mousse

Save room for this one, it’s the cherry on top of the Christmas feast in the form of a decadent, smooth, rich Black Forest Chocolate Mousse, with a cheeky shot of Kahlua for anyone wanting their dessert to also be a cocktail.


Jingle Juice

When you’ve got a house full of guests all wanting to engage in some Christmas tipple, a bowl of Jingle Juice is the way to please many at once. Throw it all together in a punch bowl with whatever fruit you have (we went with citrus fruits, cherries and strawberry) and get the party started!


Cauliflower Tabuleh

Cauliflower Tabbouleh

This zesty, herby salad is a perfect nutritious side dish for your Christmas feast. It’s light and fresh which really helps to counterbalance that heavy feeling of “overindulging”.



Merry Matcha Affogato

When your dessert and your cocktail has a Christmas baby on a tropical island, it is this Merry Matcha Affogato. If you didn’t like Matcha before, once you take a bite of this tasty green coconutty concoction, you’ll be turning into the grinch who stole all the Merry Matcha Affogatos. 


Elderflower Spritz

The perfect spritz to sip over the warmer months, this easy cocktail tastes like a summer holiday and will turn up your holiday glow with the addition of our Wildflower Collagen Beauty. Floral, fresh, fruity and fun, it’s all the f words you need in a drink.


Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush

It would be a Mediterranean Christmas sin not to include Baba Ganoush in the snack line up. This Baba Ganoush is creamy, smokey, tasty, much cleaner than store-bought dips, and a must-have on the Christmas table.



Beauty Breakfast Parfait

There’s gummies. Then there’s watermelon, strawberry and mango flavoured gummies. And then there’s all of the above plus Collagen Beauty, which equals delicious bites of beautifying candy that will work magic on your skin, hair and nails. Top with some silky coconut ribbons, coconut yogurt and fresh mango, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Summer beauty breakfast that’s low in sugar and high in skin glow benefits.


Herb Dip

Herb Cashew Cheese Dip

This herby cashew cheese dip is so tasty! It’s guaranteed to get even the most avid cheese lovers switching over to this vegan alternative. 


 Kofta Skewers

Kofta Skewers with Tzatziki Dip

It isn’t an Australian Christmas without including recipes that can just as easily be made on the barbeque as in the kitchen. These delicious herby lamb skewers combine perfectly with the fresh flavours of Tzatziki (lamb and mint, aren’t we clever?!).


Tofu skewers

Tofu Veggie Skewers

These Tofu vegetable skewers are a really easy and tasty vegetarian option to include on your barbeque or griddle. 



View the full Mediterranean Christmas Recipe Collection here.

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