Our Story

Founded by Mark & Darlene in 1998, who were seen by the community as the ‘crazy health food people’, it wasn’t unusual to find them eating things like mung bean sandwiches, putting garlic in their kids’ socks at the first sign of a sniffle, and concocting a herbal remedy for any ailment. 30-year-old Mark, who was studying naturopathy, had the realisation that his family was not getting everything they needed nutritionally, even though they were eating a balanced wholefood diet, because the quality of soil & natural produce continued to deteriorate over the years.

Resolved to do something about it, Mark and Darlsy started blending nutrient-dense superfoods to fill nutritional gaps and naturally improve their family’s health. Their community became intrigued, then hooked on the creations after experiencing significantly better wellbeing. Thus, Nutra Organics was born.

For a long time it was Mark, Darlene and their two daughters Ricki & Brit wearing every hat in the business and making huge sacrifices, including selling their family home, to ensure their vision of deeply nourishing the community in a sustainable way could succeed.

25 years later, the Nutra Organics family has grown into a team of nutritionists, naturopaths & health experts, who share the same passion of improving the health of families through pure wholefood formulations, that taste delicious, and are easy for families to incorporate into their everyday lives.