Banana Choc Pops

With Crunchy Peanut Chunks

Vegan | Dairy Free | Gluten Free

Get your favourite movie ready, we have the perfect movie-night treat for you and the fam to enjoy. These banana choc pops are a lighter take on a cinema classic, they're super easy to make and you only need 4 ingredients, what more could you want? 

You can satisfy that sweet tooth with this banana and peanut deliciousness all the while knowing that you're getting a source of Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc as well as vitamins B6 and Niacin.

So break out the bananas and dark chocolate buttons and get ready to meet your new favourite dessert.


3-4 bananas

1/2 cup toasted peanuts, chopped

250g peanut butter


250 g The Wholefood Pantry Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Buttons

1. Cut bananas in half, then place paddle pop sticks into the cut side of the banana.

2. Freeze bananas for 3 hours or until completely frozen. 

3. When pops are frozen, lay out a sheet of baking paper on a tray and place in the freezer for the finished pops. 

4. Then over a double boiler, melt the peanut butter, pour into a glass. Then repeat with the dark chocolate buttons. 

5. Plunge the bananas into the melted peanut butter, allow excess to drip back into glass.

6. Repeat with the melted chocolate.

7. Quickly sprinkle the peanuts onto the chocolate coating before it melts and place on the baking paper-lined tray.

8. Drizzle with remaining peanut butter.

9. Return to the freezer until ready to serve.

Make 6-8 banana pops. 


Note: towards the end of the glass of peanut butter and chocolate you may need to scoop it out with a spoon and drizzle over the pops. 


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