Clean Out the Fridge Fried Rice

In our first edition of The Wellness Spread our co-founder Darlsy shared with us her day on a plate, which was filled with flavoursome food, packed with as much nutrition as possible. Here's what Darls had to say about one of her go-to lunches, Clean Out the Fridge Fried Rice. 

"I like to keep my fridge clean, so once a week I do a big clean out and make sure everything gets used before I do a new shop. I have leftover Basmati Rice and have added heaps of veggies, an egg and some Chicken Bone Broth"


1 onion, chopped

2-3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, cooked

Whatever aromatics you have on hand, we used:




Coriander Roots

Whatever veggies you have on hand, we used:

Bok Choi



spring onions 

Bean Sprouts

3 eggs


1 cup The Wholefood Pantry Basmati Rice

2 tbsp Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

1 tbsp The Wholefood Pantry Coconut Oil

2 tbsp The Wholefood Pantry Pepitas. 


1. Fried rice is best made with day old rice, so the night before you're wanting to enjoy this meal we suggest cooking your rice as per packet instructions, adding chicken bone broth to the cooking liquid. Then storing in the fridge in an air-tight container. 

2. The night you're ready to enjoy, whisk you eggs and cook in saucepan set to a medium heat until they're scrambled, then set aside.

3. Heat coconut oil in saucepan, then add your fragrant spices to cook for a minute on their own before topping with your rice and veggies, stir through egg, and cook until all heated through.

4. Enjoy topped with fragrant herbs and pepitas for some extra crunch. 


Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

From $43.95

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