Creme Brulee Cocktail

Well hey hey Creme Brulee, thanks for joining the Christmas party! It’s golden hour with our Golden Latte being the flavour hero of this cocktail! Pro tip, bring this one out with the maple syrup toffee layered on top of the glass and let the fam and guests crack it open for a fun experience that will make you feel like a masterchef judge. 


40 ml spiced rum

40 ml Kahlua

150 ml plant based vanilla custard

100 ml almond milk

2 tbsp maple syrup


2 tsp Golden Latte

1. Cook maple syrup over medium heat until dark coloured. Spread into a disc onto a baking tray and set in the freezer.

2. Toast Golden Latte powder in a dry pan for 1-2 mins or until fragrant.

3. Combine spiced Golden Latte, rum, Kahlua, vanilla custard and almond milk in a jug, whisk to combine. 

4. Pour into 2 glasses and top with the set maple circle.


Serves 2


Golden Latte

Golden Latte

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