Espresso Martini Choctail

with Collagen Beauty Caramel

The mighty Espresso Martini just got an upgrade for the chocoholics out there! Once you’re finished your Christmas afternoon nap after enduring the lunchtime food hangover, this will perk you right up to continue the festivities into the night.



60ml belgian Dark choc buttons, melted

60ml espresso

50ml vodka

40ml kahlua


1 tbsp Collagen Beauty Caramel 


1. Prepare the espresso shot and add the collagen. If you don’t have a coffee machine to make the espresso, you can use a teaspoon of instant coffee with 60ml boiling water instead.

2. Melt a few handfuls of Belgian Dark Choc Buttons with a double boiler - fill a saucepan with a little bit of water, and put a metal bowl on top with the choc buttons. Stir frequently until melted.

3. Combine the espresso and melted chocolate in a cup.

4. Fill a shaker half way with ice. Add all ingredients, shake it off and serve!

Serves 3.


Collagen Beauty™ Caramel

Collagen Beauty™ Caramel


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