Lunar Dream Rocks

The dreamiest moon rocks we've ever laid eyes on. In our wildest dreams, we imagine visiting the moon and finding these there. Good thing there's no need to wait until then, these gorgeous goodies are so easy to whip up and delicious and dreamy to boot!



1 400ml can coconut cream

4 cups desiccated coconut - 2 extra cups (for coconut butter)

6 tbsp maple syrup


3 tsp Lunar Latte 

3 tsp Mermaid Latte (not necessary but always a plus for extra dreaminess)

1. To make your own coconut butter, simply place 2 cups of desiccated coconut into a food processor or NutriBullet and blend until it becomes a liquid.

2. Mix together the maple syrup, coconut cream, and coconut butter until combined, then add the desiccated coconut and mix through. 

3. Portion your mixture into three bowls. To one bowl add 1 tsp of Lunar Latte, mix in through to make a light lilac mixture. To the second bowl add 2-3 tsp of Lunar Latte and mix through for a deeper purple colour. To the last bowl add 1-2 tsp of Mermaid Latte and mix through. (You can add more or less for colour vibrancy of your choice, but the more you add the stronger the flavour).

4. Mix and match the different colour mixtures to make Lunar Rocks and enjoy your dreamy treat.


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