Matcha Beauty Latte

There is no better 'rise and shine' duo than Matcha Latte plus Collagen Beauty to help you wake up and glow up. Our Matcha Latte brings the awakening vibes with premium Japanese Matcha and energising adaptogenic mushrooms, and Collagen Beauty brings the enviable glow thanks to collagen peptides that stimulate collagen regeneration in skin, hair and nails. Gimme!
Hot tip: use a blender to whiz up your Matcha Beauty Latte for maximum frothy goodness.


200ml Plant-based milk of choice


1 serve Collagen Beauty (or Collagen Build or Collagen Body)

1 tsp Matcha Latte

1. Warm your milk in a saucepan over a medium heat (you can also heat in a microwave if you prefer).

2. Add your warmed milk to a blender.

3. Add collagen and Matcha Latte powder to blender.

4. Blend until combined and frothy.

5. Pour into mug and dust with a little extra Matcha Latte powder (if desired). 


Collagen Beauty™

Collagen Beauty™

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