Simple Tomato Pasta

with Bone Broth Concentrate

This Simple Tomato Pasta is anything but simple in flavour thanks to some key herbs, spices and our Beef Bone Broth Concentrate. This is the perfect tomato and pasta base to add your choice of protein and vegetables, or for the fusspot kids; some simple cheese and hidden Veggie Hero. Whip a big batch of this satisfying pasta up and enjoy spa-ghetting leftovers for days plus immunity and gut support thanks to Bone Broth Concentrate.
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1 punnet cherry tomatoes

1 bunch of asparagus

1 tsp fennel seeds

5 garlic cloves, sliced

1 tbsp smoked paprika

½ tsp crushed chilli flakes

1½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Knob of unsalted butter

Handful parsley (finely chopped)

Handful of basil (finely chopped)

½ cup pasta water (to loosen)

Pinch of cracked black pepper

Pinch of salt

350g (ish) spaghetti

½ lemon juiced

½ cup parmesan, grated (DF option: Vegan Savoury Flakes)


1 tbsp Beef Bone Broth Concentrate Natural Beef

  1. Cook pasta to packet instructions.
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan (on medium heat). Add the garlic, cherry tomatoes, asparagus  and fry until softenened.
  3. Add in fennel seeds and smoked paprika, stir for about 30 seconds, then add broth concentrate and pasta water. Stir to combine and let simmer for a couple of minutes.
  4. Once pasta is cooked, add it to the pan along with chopped herbs, parmesan, lemon juice, salt, pepper & butter.
  5. Stir through and then serve, garnished with a little more parmesan cheese.

For a dairy free option, swap out parmesan cheese for Vegan savoury flakes.


Beef Bone Broth Concentrate Natural Beef

Beef Bone Broth Concentrate Natural Beef


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