Snickers Iced Coffee

With Collagen Beauty Caramel

Things are really starting to heat up as we charge headlong into summer here in the southern hemisphere. We're always looking for fun (and delicious) ways to get our caffeine fix, so we'd like to introduce you to our latest creation, Snickers Iced Coffee. The choc nutty flavour of a snickers along with a serve of glow-boosting Collagen Beauty combine with the power of our best friend caffeine, to form a match made in productivity heaven.



1 shot espresso

1 tbsp nut butter, plus extra to serve

250 ml plant milk of choice

1 tbsp raw cacao 


1 serve Collagen Beauty Caramel


1. Whisk together cacao powder, Collagen Beauty, espresso shot and nut butter until combined.

2. Fill your glass with ice and add 1 cup of plant milk and top with coffee mixture.

3. Top with extra nut butter.

4. Stir and enjoy.

Makes 1 serve


Collagen Beauty™ Caramel

Collagen Beauty™ Caramel


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