Sticky, Crispy Chicken Wings

with Chicken Bone Broth

Finger-lickin’ good Sticky, Crispy Chicken Wings. These flavour-packed wings are a party dish your friends won’t want to miss out on. A balance of sweet, fresh and crispiness + the benefits of Chicken Bone Broth for immunity, energy and gut wellbeing with zinc and B vitamins. Serve this up & impress your buds (& their taste buds).
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1 tbsp olive oil

1.8 - 2kg chicken wings

2 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp salt


3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tbsp grated ginger

⅓ cup tamari

2 tbsp water

2 tbsp raw honey

To serve

½ cup coriander, chopped

2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

A few handfuls of leafy greens


1 tbsp Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

  1. Preheat oven to 220 c then line two rimmed baking trays with baking paper. Place two cooking racks onto the trays then brush with olive oil
  2. Cut chicken wings into flats and drums by cutting where the joint is connect in the middle of the two pieces (you can also buy this separated in some supermarkets/butchers)
  3. Place the baking powder, Chicken Bone Broth, spices, salt and pepper into a bowl, mix together to combine
  4. Pat the chicken dry then add to the spice mixture, toss to coat
  5. Arrange the wings on the wire racks the spaced a little apart then bake for 50 minutes, turning every 20 minutes (leaving 10 minutes for the last turn)
  6. Meanwhile in a small saucepan fry the garlic and ginger for about two minutes, stirring then add the rest of the glaze ingredients and cook for another minute
  7. Remove wings from the oven, then brush on the glaze on both sides, place back in the oven for five minutes
  8. To serve scatter over sesame seeds and chopped coriander. Serve with some leafy greens

Servings: 4-6
Ready in: 2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy-peasy


Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

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