Velvet Swirl Banana Bread

This is the ultimate cheats gourmet treat! This recipe calls for bakery bought banana bread, there are some great healthy bakeries with refined sugar and flour free banana bread. So for the person that doesn’t have a lot of time to bake, this is the perfect option for a healthy but decadent treat that comes together in minutes. Of course, if you have a fave banana bread recipe, make from scratch.



1 bakery bought banana bread loaf

1/2 cup coconut yogurt

45g bar of vegan chocolate

5-6 tsp nut butter (your choice)

5 fresh strawberries

2 tbsp pistachios - roughly chopped


1-2 tsp Berry Immune 

1. Ripple the Berry Immune through the coconut yoghurt

2. Cut banana bread into thick slices, then smear over rippled coconut yogurt

3. Top with a tsp of peanut butter, pistachios, a piece of chocolate and a strawberry.

4. Serve with rose petals (optional)


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