Waterberry Collagen Springtime Punch

The weather is getting warmer (finally), so why not celebrate with a Springtime Punch? Packed with our favourite refreshing punch inclusions, this one is perfect for sipping while sitting on a picnic blanket with your best friends soaking in that glorious spring afternoon sun. The inclusion of our Waterberry Collagen Beauty not only means you’re getting skin-loving benefits, but the fruit left over ends up tasting like lollies after infusing in the Waterberry liquid. 


2 litres cold water

8 or so thin slices of seedless watermelon

1 punnet of strawberries, halved

1 grapefruit sliced into rounds

1 lemon sliced into rounds

1 lime sliced into rounds

1 cucumber sliced into rounds

1 cup crushed ice


4 tbsp Collagen Beauty Waterberry

1. Dissolve collagen in a little water.

2. Add collagen and water to a jug, stir to mix through.

3. Add in fruit.

4. When ready to serve, add in ice. 


Collagen Beauty™ Waterberry

Collagen Beauty™ Waterberry


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