Nutrition for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Provide yourself with the best nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding! Explore our pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe natural superfoods to support your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

The importance of nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding
The importance of nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Unsurprisingly, nutrition is one of the most important considerations for a healthy pregnancy. You and your baby are growing and need the good stuff to promote healthy development and support your own needs. But, how can you increase the inclusion of helpful nutrients in your diet? 

Choosing pregnancy-safe natural superfoods can aid in obtaining those extra nutrients so you can feel your best during pregnancy. That’s why we’ve collated our best-selling natural superfood products that are pregnancy-safe (and breastfeeding friendly) for your peace of mind.

The importance of nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding
Protein Powder for Pregnancy: Thriving Family

Our Thriving Family protein powders are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding as they are ideal protein sources rich in calcium, iron and vitamins to support optimal health and wellbeing. Protein plays a vital role during pregnancy, and protein powder is an easy way to make sure you're getting the amount you need to help your baby grow. Extra protein sources help support healthy blood flow throughout your body, and most importantly, to your baby.

Protein also contributes to other areas of fetal development including increasing immunity for your baby and making hormones and enzymes to support development. Breastfeeding safe protein powder can also help with gaining the extra nutrients you are losing when feeding your bubba. Overall, it’s a great nutrition powder to have in your cupboard!

Thriving Family is a protein powder for pregnancy specifically designed to cover the important nutrition bases for both adults and children. It is the perfect protein powder to consume during pregnancy as it is formulated with gut-friendly protein that is beneficial for immunity, energy and muscle and bone support — 3 very important wellbeing factors to consider during pregnancy.

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Thriving Family Smooth Vanilla Thriving Family Smooth Vanilla Thriving Family Smooth Vanilla
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Pregnancy collagen: Collagen beauty

Yes, you can! No need to forgo your beauty rituals when pregnant or breastfeeding. Currently, there is no known risk of taking collagen during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. In fact, collagen for pregnancy is beneficial and provides the same beauty and skin health benefits when not pregnant including improving skin elasticity, supporting hair and nail growth as well as boosting skin healing.

Collagen Beauty is naturopathically formulated to help skin glow and repair with VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides, vitamin C and zinc. It supports skin, hair and nails but also aids digestion, helps to increase skin hydration and can reduce fine lines. The perfect collagen for pregnancy when you may not feel your best! Collagen, is not only breastfeeding safe, but also ideal to keep your skin nourished postpartum. Learn which collagen is right for you here.

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Collagen Beauty™ Collagen Beauty™ Collagen Beauty™
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Pregnancy Safe Greens Powder: Super Greens + Reds

Super Greens + Reds is a breastfeeding and pregnancy-safe greens powder with a wholefood blend of 23 nourishing greens and red nutrients to support gut wellbeing, energy and antioxidant production. In a time when you are most vulnerable, this immunity-boosting nutrition powder is a great way to help your body be at its best. After all, your body is growing a human! You need the best nutrients to take care of yourself and your baby.

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Super Greens + Reds Super Greens + Reds Super Greens + Reds
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Bone Broth During Pregnancy: Nourishing Broths

Consuming bone broth during pregnancy to support immunity, bone and gut health has never been easier with Nutra Organic’s Bone Broth. These nourishing broths are available in powders or concentrates depending on your preferred flavour profile. Want a stronger bone broth for your weekly stew? Choose a Bone Broth Concentrate. But, if you prefer to drink your bone broth in the mornings with water our Bone Broth Powders are the way to go! Our nourishing broths are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe and are a great way to increase nutrients for yourself and your baby.

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Beef Bone Broth hearty original flavour made from grass fed australian beef bones Beef Bone Broth hearty original flavour made from grass fed australian beef bones Beef Bone Broth hearty original flavour made from grass fed australian beef bones
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