Sustainable Ingredients

We have always taken sustainability into account when sourcing ingredients, we source them as locally as possible, and certified organic wherever possible. We never use artificial ingredients or flavours, fillers, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. You can pronounce every ingredient in our products, and you’ll never spot any mysterious numbers in our ingredients list. Our products are made from real wholefoods, respectfully sourced from the earth and not a lab. This has always been our unwavering commitment, because your health and wellbeing is our ultimate mission, and this will never change. 

So while there is nothing new here, and the best quality ingredients have always been our biggest brand value, we want to provide more transparency around our ingredients so you can be as confident as we are that you are nourishing your family with the very best.

All of our fruit, vegetable and bone broth powders are mostly Australian and certified organic, and are refractance dried by our local supplier. Have you noticed that some of our products sparkle? This is due to the refractance drying method, which is the gentlest low temperature method available that retains the highest amount of nutrients, aroma, colour and flavour. The pureed ingredients are placed on a drying window, which uses a gentle dehydration method with infra-red light to remove any moisture. This process typically takes 3-5 minutes, and is far superior to all other drying methods, retaining around 80% of nutrients.

This includes the following ingredients used in our products: beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, acai, raspberry, blueberry, purple carrot, beetroot, spinach, kale, pumpkin, sweet potato, goji berry, mango, pomegranate, strawberry, broccoli, carrot, tomato and manuka honey.

Some of the incredible ingredients in our products can only be sourced from certain international countries. For example, our Acai is from Brazil, Maca and Cacao are from Peru, Turmeric and our other Ayurvedic spices are from India, Maple Syrup from Canada, our Chinese Adaptogenic Mushrooms (Reishi, Shiitake, He Shou Wu) are from China, and so on. Seasonality can also change where ingredients are sourced from. For example, in summer our mango powder is always Australian, but is only available from USA during winter. 

Our Gelatin is 100% Australian and Grass Fed, and is a sustainable byproduct from a well established industry that upcycles the parts of a cow that would otherwise be wasted and go to landfill. The cows come from Australian farms that meet the highest RSPCA standards.

The same applies with the collagen in our Collagen Beauty, Collagen Build and Collagen Body. However, the cows are a combination of German and Brazilian, which also come from farms that meet the highest animal welfare standards, and like gelatin, collagen comes from upcycled parts of a cow that would be otherwise wasted. Our chosen supplier for our collagen and bioactive collagen peptides (Verisol in Collagen Beauty, Bodybalance in Collagen Build, and Fortibone in Collagen Body) is the only supplier to have clinically proven the effectiveness of the collagen peptides for their specific functions.

We have also made a decision to not use marine collagen ever, as we believe it is very unsustainable as our oceans are severely overfished, and it takes a significantly higher amount of fish to produce marine collagen. However, most marine collagen is from notoriously unhygienic fish farms in Asia and not from the ocean, and is an ingredient that we don’t feel comfortable with, despite its popularity. 

Lastly, all of our product manufacturing and label printing is done in Australia, mostly within a 100km radius of our headquarters, because we believe in supporting Australian business and the local community, and therefore reducing our carbon footprint. We proudly partner with Synergy Group for all of our labelling and bagging, who are a local equal opportunity employer. They employ those living with a permanent disability, and give them a safe and supportive working environment. They do an amazing job at supporting the local Northern NSW community and we have been proudly partnered with them since 2015.