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Mermaid Latte™ is a delicious infusion of ocean minerals, blue superfoods, adaptogenic herbs & chai spices makes a dazzling blue latte.

Ashwagandha, panax ginseng and licorice root promote a sense of calm, while our Icelandic grown ocean minerals provide calcium for energy^.

When consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet, Mermaid Latte™ promotes:

  • Calm & Balance
  • Energy^
  • Adaptogens

Our Mermaid Latte™ is refined sugar free and pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly.

Coconut Milk*, Chai Spices (17 %) (Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Black Pepper), Australian Manuka Honey, Blue Superfood Blend (12 %) (Butterfly Pea Flower, Blue Spirulina Extract), Natural Flavours (Chai Spice, Monk Fruit), Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin* (Prebiotic Fibre), Aquamin Marine Minerals* (Arctic Sea Algae*), Tapioca Starch*, Rice Extract*, Adaptogenic Herbs (Ashwagandha*, Panax Ginseng*, Licorice Root*), Milk Thistle*.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Allergen Warning: 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing tree nuts, milk, eggs, sesame, fish, shellfish, soy and lupin.


Serving Size - 6 gServings per pack - 15

Avg. Qty. 

per Serving

Avg. Qty

per 100 g











94 kJ

0.2 g


0.6 g

0.5 g

3.1 g

0.6 g

1.1 g

7 mg

112 mg (14% RDI)

1570 kJ

3.8 g


10.0 g

8.8 g

50.8 g

10.5 g

17.7 g

110 mg

1870 mg

Percentage daily intakes based on the average adult diet of 8700 kJ per day.

^As part of a healthy, varied diet.

1. Add 2 heaped teaspoons (6 g) to a little hot milk of choice.

2. Stir to combine, then add remaining milk to make 200 mL. Optional: add maple syrup or local honey for extra sweetness. 

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe?

All of our superfood latte’s are completely safe for consumption during pregnancy and lactation and for persons under the age of 15. This is due to our latte’s being made up solely of organic whole food ingredients.

Are they vegan?

Here at Nutra Organics we decide not to call ALL of our super latte’s vegan due to the fact that the Mermaid Latte (blue one) and the Golden Latte (yellow one) contain Manuka Honey. Some vegans decide to eat honey but for the sake of keeping it above board for those who don’t we we feel it’s better to play it safe. BUT luckily our Velvet latte (pink one) is completely vegan with not an animal sourced ingredient insight so there is something for everyone. 

Is Manuka Honey ethical?

Supporting other local and ethical businesses that support us is deeply ingrained in the Nutra Organics ethos. That said we have especially sourced our Manuka Honey from a supplier that gathers it from many different busy bee hives up and down the Australian eastern seaboard. This makes sure that our bee’s are never overworked and are free to roam wherever they shall please. This keeps them very happy and also means that they are able to keep producing amazing manuka honey that makes all of us very happy too.

What makes Mermaid Latte Blue?

Mermaid Latte contains a Blue Superfood Blend that is made up of Matcha grade Butterfly Pea Flower tea and Blue Spirulina. Butterfly Pea Flower is a native Thai tea flower that has been traditionally used widely across southeast asian to colour everything from fabrics to traditional glutinous rice treats with its naturally occurring bright blue colour. We’ve also specifically added a pigment-protein called phycocyanin that is naturally occurring in Spirulina to lift the blue colour from basic to brilliant. We never EVER use any synthetics or artificial colours in our products and can guarantee you will love not only the colour but the fabulous chai flavour of our Mermaid Latte.

What do our Superfood Latte's taste like?

All of our Superfood Latte’s are traditional Ayurvedic chai based and will have hints of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Our velvet latte has a natural sweetness that comes from the beetroot whilst the mermaid is a full-bodied chai with clove and star anise added to enhance the spice profile. The golden latte definitely has a warm earthy flavour profile with turmeric being what brings in the sunshine.

 Why do the spices in my Superfood Latte float?

All of the ingredients included in the formulation of our Mermaid Latte (as with all of our products) come from wholefoods that are simply dried and ground. This means that no instantisers, thickeners or extra sugars are added to enhance the solubility of the spices. As such our spices may float to the top of your latte but you can rest assured it’s because they are the real deal. If you really would like to stop this from happening we suggest frothing the milk as this tends to keep them held in suspension a bit longer. 

What are they used for - How do you make a superfood latte?

Nutra Organics Superfood Latte’s are the answer to your coffee free dreams. If you can’t tolerate caffeine but miss your morning ritual then our latte’s are sure to satisfy your cravings whilst also being good for you! With not a single bit of caffeine insight you can rest assured you will still be getting your morning pick-me-up or 3pm fix our latte’s are suitable for consumption at all times of the day.

So now you want to know how to prepare the most amazing caffeine free latte of your life? Simply choose whichever of our delightful Super food Latte’s you like.

First - In a small cup or glass place 1-2 teaspoons of powder

(increase or decrease to flavour preference)

Second -  pour in a little hot, chilled or dairy milk alternative about 20ml (a big tablespoon) and

     mix so that the powder is combined well

Thirdly - pour in the remaining milk ( about 180ml ) to make up your latte. 

What are adaptogenic herbs/what are they good?

Adaptogenic herbs have been traditionally used across multiple modalities to promote general feelings of balance and increased vitality. Our herbs are simply the whole dried herbs that have been ground down into powder so you know you are getting all of the good stuff without worrying about consuming any form of extract or refined components. By adding adaptogenic herbs into our latte’s we are ensuring you won’t miss your morning pick-me-up as these guys will keep you feeling great all day long without any caffeine induced crashes.

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Australia Australia
I like it

Despite the controversy on this beverage, I found it fun and yum. I understand why it’s not everyone’s top pick, however I enjoy the earthy nod the chia. Looking forward to trying the new blend!

Australia Australia
One word. Can you guess what it is? Read on.

I'm writing this as I sit trying to force down another cup of mermaid latte. I was really looking forward to this one. I love trying new foods and flavours and always seek it out. This piqued my interest. I was so excited about the idea of superfood lattes that I bought some others as well. I quite liked the matcha, and would probably order another batch. However, the one I was most excited about, the mermaid latte, is a different story. In my mind I thought it would be delicious. Perhaps because chai is my drink of choice and it's meant to taste like chai. It's blue, it looks good in the photos, interesting. But boy was I wrong! This review can be summarised in one word: Yuck. I only just came on to the site to read some reviews and check if it's just me. Yuck. I keep trying to think of creative ways to use it instead of chucking it out. So far I've ruined a perfectly good bowl of oats and cup of rooibos tea. Yuck. I squirm when I drink it or even think about it. Yes. It does taste like soap. No. It's not because I'm not used to strong chai.

Nutra Organics

Hey Isabel, Yikes! We are so sorry to hear about your experience, this does not meet our product standards whatsoever. We can confirm that Mermaid Latte hasn't suited everyone's tastebuds. Because of this feedback from you and our other valued customers, we have reformulated Mermaid Latte - due to be released in May. We have discontinued our current formulation and Mermaid Latte will remain out of stock until the new one is released. We'd hate to leave a bad taste in your mouth, so our team will be in touch with you directly to rectify this experience. Kindest, Team Nutra

Australia Australia
Does taste like soap

I bought a sample. The ingredients in this drink is really beneficial for me. I made it with coconut cream and extra water. It tasted like peppery soap. Then I added vanilla coffee syrup and it tasted nice. Vanilla always fixes everything

Cari E.
Australia Australia
Delicious and nutritious!

LOVE this so much! I’ve given up coffee, but still wanted a warm drink so tried this on recommendation from my hairdresser. So yummy and love the getting extra nutrients into my diet.

Australia Australia
Mermaid Latte

I absolutely love all of your products, but unfortunately this isn’t one of them. I love the concept behind this drink but I cannot get past that it tastes like soap. I got hubby to try it in case it was just my taste buds, unfortunately not.

Nutra Organics

Hi Jade, we're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Mermaid Latte. It does have quite a strong taste from the spices, and our team are currently working on reformulating it. Thank you for your feedback!

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