Given that snaccidents are such a prevalent conundrum affecting the lives of so many, we wanted to help you to protect yourself against this mighty foe.

Two cookies turn into the whole pack, a scoop of ice cream turns into half a tub, a handful of chips turns into the whole bag. 

If these situations sound familiar to you then you have fallen victim to the snaccident. You are not alone. 6/7 people over the age of 5 have been affected by a snaccident episode at some point in their lives (those statistics are made up… but a vast majority of people I have spoken to can relate to experiences like these ones, so let’s assume at least 6/7 is about right). 

Given that snaccidents are such a prevalent conundrum affecting the lives of so many, we wanted to help you to protect yourself against this mighty foe. So here are some general tips for smarter, safer snaccidenting:

1. Add Protein

The problem with most snaccidents is that they are made primarily of refined carbs, with the addition of some fat (and then possibly sprinkled with more refined carbs… and then maybe deep fried… yum) but that’s BAD! Your body has trouble identifying the energy density of these foods, as refined carbs and fat are digested passively by the gut and they don’t tend to fill you up, so it’s very easy to overdo it.

The moment you add some protein, your body has to really work to digest it and that will trigger feelings of fullness which slows you down. Some easy ways to up the protein is to add our Clean Protein or Thriving Protein into a smoothie or in baking, or make dips out of greek yogurt, tahini and nut butters.


2. Use complex carbs as a base

Foods that contain complex carbohydrates and fiber naturally have a lower energy density and fill you up more than simple carbs. This means you can eat more without overdoing it.  Opting for vegetable sticks, wholegrain crackers, and oats in baking rather than just flour, can all help to up the fibre and complex carbs.


3. Serve it out

This strategy just helps you stay mindful of portions. If you serve up the intended quantity of your chosen snack, then you are less likely to passively end up eating twice that amount. Sure, you may still just go and serve up more but at least your consciousness will be an active participant in that decision. Oh and sorry about the extra washing up.


4. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

Something else to keep in mind is the nutrition content of the snacks you eat. Snack foods and treat foods are 100% allowed in your diet, but that doesn’t mean they have to be totally void of nutrients. If your chosen snacks contain ingredients like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds then even if you do “over-do it a bit” you can still feel good about all the good stuff that made it into your body too.  

If one of your weaknesses is our wholefood bar range (we don’t blame you), no need to feel guilty if you’ve had one too many. There’s plenty of nourishing ingredients within them that your body will love you for.

Because we are all for a healthy snaccident - keep an eye out for some snaccident-approved, safe and satisfying recipes coming your way over the next few weeks that you can turn to when the munchies are calling.


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