Tropical Greens Smoothie Bowl


Looking for your next smoothie bowl inspiration? This Tropical Greens Smoothie Bowl will have you feeling like your chilling next to the poolside. The citrus flavour of our Collagen Beauty Lemon Lime teamed with fresh pineapple, coconut and the sweetness of kiwifruit feels light and refreshing. And if you're looking for a way to brighten up your morning, look no further, this tropical goodness is the way to go. 


2 frozen bananas

½ cup coconut yoghurt

1/4 cup plant milk

Juice of 1/2 Lime + extra to serve

2-3 pineapple wedges

1/2 kiwi fruit, sliced  

Handful of coconut chips

1 tbsp of toasted buckwheat

½ apple sliced into thin wedges.


3 tsp Super Greens + Reds

1 tbsp Collagen Beauty Lemon Lime

Handful of The Wholefood Pantry Almonds, Toasted & chopped 

1. Place banana, Super Greens + Reds, Collagen Beauty, coconut yoghurt, plant milk and lime juice in a blender. 

2. Blitz until smooth.

3. Pour mixture into a bowl, then top with remaining ingredients. Squeeze a little lime juice over the pineapple and apple pieces.

4. Enjoy!


Collagen Beauty™ Lemon Lime

Collagen Beauty™ Lemon Lime


Super Greens + Reds

Super Greens + Reds

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