Merry Mojito Pops

with Collagen Beauty


Is there anything more thirst quenching than an ice-cold mojito on a hot summer's day? We've put a fun Christmas twist on a classic summer cocktail with the addition of strawberries and pomegranate that your guests will love! It's so simple to make ahead of time, then when the temperature hits sweaty brow level, all you have to do is serve them on a platter of ice for a little heat wave reprieve in boozy pop form. 

You will need an ice block mould that makes 10 ice blocks and 10 paddle pop sticks for this amount of mojito mixture. 



1 lime, juiced

1 lime, cut into 10 thin wedges

1/2 pomegranate worth of jewels

5-6 strawberries, sliced

1 & 1/2 cups white rum

1 cup water

7 tbsp Pantry Maple Syrup


4 Tbsp Collagen Beauty Lemon Lime 

1. Combine lime juice, maple, white rum, water, collagen and mint in a jug.

2. Place sliced strawberries, lime wedged and pomegranate jewels into ice block moulds (each ice block should get 1-2 strawberry slices and one lime wedge). 

3. Pour your mojito mixture into your moulds, place in the paddle pop sticks. Top with more water if needed. Freeze overnight. 

4. To serve, we filled a tray with crushed ice, carefully removed the ice blocks from the mould, and placed them in a tray of ice, sprinkling more crushed ice on top of the ice blocks. Then garnish tray with lime wedges, mint leaves and Christmas foliage.

Makes 10 ice blocks. 


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