Pina Colada Pops

For a pop of flavour and colour to brighten the hottest of days! Creamy and collagen boosted with Collagen Beauty™ Tropical. An ice cold snack that always hits the spot and always brings the glowy goodness with a crowd favourite pina colada taste.


1 mango 

1 frozen banana

2 passionfruit 

1 cup vanilla coconut yoghurt 

½ lime juice 



2 tbsp Collagen Beauty Tropical

1. Put the mango, banana, lime and Tropical Collagen Beauty into a blender and blend.

2. Hand mix the passionfruit pulp through the mixture.

3. Pour the mixture into ice block molds, filling the ¾ of the way.

4. Scoop the coconut yoghurt into the molds, filling them up.

5. Freeze and enjoy!


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