With winter fast approaching, daylight hours shortening and temperatures dropping, we wanted to take the time to highlight our top 4 products for supporting your health and immunity this winter.

Written by Lisa Baker, Nutra Organics Nutritionist

Supporting your immune system is important all year round - not just in winter months. Daily stressors, pollution, inadequate nutrition & exercise and not enough sunlight can all have an impact on your immune system. We wanted to take the time to highlight our top 4 products for supporting your health and immunity all year round.


Our delicious broths are especially magic over winter - but can be easily enjoyed in summer too. Bone broths have been famous for their immune supporting powers for generations and with good reason. Bone broth provides essential amino acids and nutrients that are beneficial to gut health. The gut is where a healthy immune system begins, as it contains about 70% of immune cells.

Core body temperature plays an important role in immunity too. Studies have demonstrated that cold viruses are able to replicate more quickly when core body temperature drops below 37 degrees c, so that warming cup of broth is helping you in more ways than just providing immune supporting nutrients. So grandma was right: drink up that broth!


Super Greens + Reds

Our Super Greens + Reds is another immune supporting super star. This product sometimes gets forgotten about when it comes to immunity, because it is such an amazing “all rounder”, but that is precisely what makes it so perfect for supporting immunity. Immunity is hugely complex and multifaceted, and it requires many systems working efficiently to work optimally as a whole. Super Greens + Reds contains pre and probiotics for gut health, immune supporting herbs, antioxidants to protect from free radical damage, and is a good source of multiple vitamins and minerals that support immunity. Super Greens + Reds is your most potent ally for supporting immunity and overall wellbeing.

Acai Berry Blend

Our Acai Berry Blend is made using premium refractance dried fruits that retain maximum nutrients. Refractance drying is a low temperature drying method that doesn’t disrupt the volatile nutrients (such as vitamins and antioxidant polyphenols) as the excess water is removed.  This means that you are able to enjoy the benefits of these high antioxidant yielding fruits year round in a potent, delicious and super convenient form. Acai berry blend is particularly high in vitamin C which is essential for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C supports the production of white blood cells, which help protect the body against pathogens. When there is an infection present, the body’s requirements for vitamin C increases dramatically. Acai Berry Blend doesn’t only have to be used for making Acai bowls, it can mix into smoothies and be sprinkled on anything that takes your fancy (or just eaten straight off the spoon - we can confirm that that’s also a good time).

Berry Immune

This one is for the kiddies, but nothing is stopping anyone else who fancies it from enjoying it and all of it’s benefits too.  Berry Immune was naturopathically formulated to gently support immunity, providing essential nutrients, superfoods and herbs to help protect little people from big germs.  Berry Immune also provides a source of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy immune system function, and much harder to get from the sun as daylight hours get shorter and we rug up with more clothes. Berry Immune is a yummy and nutrient dense superfood blend which mixes really well into yogurt, porridge and baking, so it’s easy to sneak into your little one’s diet.

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