It goes without saying that sometimes it takes a little creativity to make it easier for kids to get vital nutritional support for their immunity.

While being a kid has so many great perks that I’m sure we all miss at times (hello indoor makeshift obstacle courses), being sick isn’t one of them. However, there are some really great ways to support your child's ability to fight off colds, lessen the duration of illness and make their day a little brighter with some hero foods and tips to save the day! 

Studies show that a diet rich in phytonutrients, found in fruits and veggies, can increase the body's production of infection fighting white blood cells and antibodies that block out viruses. Fruits and vegetables (as well as grains, meats and dairy) contain key essential vitamins and minerals to make sure your child has the best fighting chance, such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, as well as zinc, calcium, iron and iodine. These essential vitamins and minerals support growth and development and are essential for kids as part of getting their daily intake of fruits and vegetables and complete nutrition. 

Supporting kids immunity systems can look alot like an increase in fruit and vegetable servings, experts recommend 4 - 5 servings of vegetables and fruit, depending on age of course. We understand that this can be a hard task, especially for fussy eaters. Nutrition for children can be made fun, and that was exactly what we set out to achieve when creating our kids range, which includes Veggie Hero, Berry Immune and Choc Whiz. Created with the fusspots in mind, so you can have peace of mind, knowing you’re giving your kids enough support. Containing bioavailable vitamins & minerals from pure, organic wholefoods, including all the essentials and so much more. 

It goes without saying that sometimes it takes a little creativity to make it easier for kids to get vital nutritional support for their immunity. We recommend trying our kids superfood products alongside a healthy balanced diet to help with this process. Adding this support through yoghurts, cereals, smoothies, snacks, muffins and meals is one of the easiest ways to get help bolster immunity. Why not try our Berry Immune Cookies, Veggie Hero Dip and Choc Whiz Gummies? You can find more delicious and easy ways to make kids meals and lunchboxes more exciting and nutritious here. 

Besides nutrition being one of the biggest ways you can support your kids, there are some other things you can do to support your kids in fighting off the nasties, especially as school is going back into full swing. Making sure your child has an adequate amount of sleep will ensure they aren’t becoming sleep deprived, which in turn can make kids, and adults alike, more susceptible to germs by lowering the healthy cells that fight against diseases. Promoting regular hand washing before and after meals too will create healthy habits that will undoubtedly see a minimisation in nasties your children come in contact with. Adding these simple steps into your child's day to day life will ensure that little extra security and help every parent needs.


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