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Creamy Vanilla Hemp Protein is your go-to complete protein blend with whole foods for nourishing your body. It's the best tasting way to increase your daily dose of Alkaline Greens Blend and plant protein all in one, helping you glow from the inside out. 

This delicious certified organic vegan blend of organic hemp protein, sprouted & bio-fermented pea protein, nutritive greens and wholesome superfoods is a source of complete protein, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin C, Pre & Probiotics and Fibre when consumed as part of a healthful and varied diet.

With beautifully creamy exotic vanilla, natural sweetness, and the smooth nutty flavour of hemp protein, this luscious combination completely masks the taste of the green superfoods and provides a delicious alternative for those who want to increase their intake of nutritious greens.

Providing a variety of nutrients to support a plant based diet, Creamy Vanilla Hemp Protein has been naturopathically formulated with benefits such as:

  • It is a good source of PROTEIN which is necessary for tissue building, repair, growth & maintenance of muscle mass and bones.
  • Containing our ALKALINE GREENS blend with barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, alfalfa, chlorella, kelp, and matcha.
  • Contains ZINC to aid in the maintenance of acid-based metabolism.
  • Contains VITAMIN C to help protect cells from free radical damage and IRON for regular immune system function.
  • A complete AMINO ACID profile. 
  • PRE- & PROBIOTICS for gut support, Lactobacillus spp. <3000 CFU (Colony Forming Units) per 30 g serve.
  • Contains FIBRE.
  • Contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

Creamy Vanilla Hemp Protein contains no nasties, no whey, no soy, no gluten. Just pure whole foods to help you look good and feel good. 

INGREDIENTS (per 500g)

Organic Sprouted & Bio Fermented Live Protein Blend 382 g

Sprouted & Fermented Golden Pea Protein* (45%)[Pre-Digested Cultured Protein Isolate], Hemp Protein* (30%), Peruvian Raw Sacha Inchi Protein*,

Alkaline Greens Blend 50 g

Barley Grass Juice Powder* (3%), Wheat Grass* (2%), Spirulina* (2%), Chlorella* (2%), Alfalfa* (1%), Kelp*, Do-Matcha Green Tea Powder* (<1%), Psyllium Husk Powder,

Organic Bio-Fermented Pre & ProBiotic Blend 42 g

Whole Brown Rice Milk Powder*, Artichoke Inulin* (Prebiotic Fibre), Fermented Sprout Blend [Mung Bean Sprout*, Brown Rice Sprout*, Red Lentil Sprout*, Chickpea Sprout*, Linseed Sprout*, Alfalfa Seed Sprout*, Millet Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*, Chia Seed Sprout*] Lactobacillus spp. <3000 CFU/30 g serve, Apple Pectin (Prebiotic Fibre),

-Molasses added for the fermentation process

Nourishing Fat & Fibre Blend 11 g

Coconut Milk Powder*, Linseed Meal*, Chia Seed Meal,

Natural Sweetener & Flavour Blend 10 mg

Natural Vanilla Extract (2%), Thaumatin (Plant Based Sweetener),

Organic Digestion Blend 1800 mg

Licorice Root*, Aloe Vera, Nutmeg*, Cloves*, Kelp*, Sunflower Lecithin,

Organic Metabolic Blend 1200 mg

Ginger Root, Turmeric*, Cayenne Pepper, Gingko Biloba*,

Organic Wholefood Vitamin Blend 300 mg

Rose Hip*, Camu Camu*,

Wholefood Mineral Blend 300 mg

Aquamin Marine Minerals* (Arctic Sea Algae), Zinc Gluconate, 

Herbal Liver Support Complex 300 mg

St Marys Thistle,

Plant Digestive Enzyme Blend 200 mg

Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Papain, Bromelain.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Allergen Warning: 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk, fish, shellfish, crustacea, soy, eggs, tree nuts, lupin and sesame.

Serving Size - 30 g



Servings per package - 

500 g - 16

1 kg - 33

Avg. Qty.

per Serve



Avg. Qty.

per 100 g

ENERGY483 kJ5 %1611 kJ



18.1 g


36 %


60.3 g









3.2 g

<1 g

<1 g

1.2 g

<1 g

<1 g

243 mg

4 %

1 %






10.7 g

<1 g

<1 g

4.1 g

<1 g

<1 g

810 mg



5.0 g

<1 g

1 %

<1 %

16.6 g

2.3 g

DIETARY FIBRE2.4 g8 %7.9 g
SODIUM15 mg<1 %49 mg
IRON2.6 mg22 %8.8 mg
VITAMIN C6.4 mg16 %21.3 mg
ZINC2.8 mg23 %9.2 mg

Percentage Daily Intakes/Recommended Dietary Intakes based on the average adult diet of 8700 kJ per day.

FORMULATED SUPPLEMENTARY SPORTS FOOD: Not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed once daily in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

Amino Acid Profile grams per 100 g
Essential Amino Acids
 Conditionally Essential Amino Acids
Glutamic Acid13.1
Non-Essential Amino Acids
Aspartic Acid8.0

♦Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Add 2-3 heaped tablespoons (30 g) to 250 ml - 350 ml of your choice of milk, milk alternative, water or coconut water. Add to your smoothies or bliss balls, bake into slices or add to raw treats.

Why should I choose Hemp Protein over Clean and Thriving?

Our new Hemp Proteins have brought a whole new meaning to plant-based protein. Our specific formulas not only contain the combination of three different vegan proteins powders (hemp, bio-fermented pea and sacha inchi) for a more complete amino acid profile but each flavour has been specifically designed to have a unique health benefit.

But the real deciding factor in the big decision making process is what the intended purpose is of the protein.

  • If you need a family friendly protein that is suitable for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women and anyone else just needing little protein boost then Thriving Protein will be your go to.
  • If you are after a high protein training partner that is going support all of your fitness goals to help you tone, train and repair then Clean Protein will be your best fit.
  • Lastly if you need protein in your diet but want some added health benefits keep reading and we’ll tell you which Hemp Protein will best suit your needs.

Which Hemp Protein flavour should I choose?

Three unique blends, three unique benefits. So which one is right for you?

  • Well firstly our Creamy Vanilla flavour is our easy peasy way to increase greens into your diet daily, minus the greens taste. If you struggle to stomach greens powders, the creamy vanilla will keep you nourished and assisted to maintain acid-base metabolism (pH balance) with one serve of greens in every serve of protein plus the added benefit of Zinc.
  • Second in comes a little bit of inner balance found in our Salted Cacao Maca flavour. Made with wholesome raw peruvian cacao with traditional adaptogenic herbs Maca and Ashwagandha, this protein is going to help bring a little bit of balance into your everyday and makes it the perfect addition to a stressless dietary regime.
  • Last but not least our Beauty Berries flavour is our vegan answer to our most popular product, Collagen Beauty. As Collagen Beauty is made from collagen, unfortunately it is not suitable for consumption by persons on a vegan diet. However we don’t think it’s fair that our vegan friends miss out on the beauty benefits so we’ve created Hemp Protein Beauty Berries with Vitamin C and Zinc plus a whole heap of protein and antioxidant containing berries to give your body the exact nutrients it needs to support natural collagen production and aid in the prevention of free-radical damage to skin cells.

Is Hemp Protein suitable for me if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Due to the Australian Food Act 2006 under which all of our foods here in Australia are regulated, unfortunately our Hemp Proteins come under a classification of a Formulated Supplementary Sports Food as we have added the mineral Zinc for a multitude of health benefits it provides. Due to this classification we have also needed to add the necessary warning statement to our packaging that our Hemp Protein products are not recommended for consumption by persons under 15 years of age or pregnant women unless under the supervision of a physician or dietitian. This is only due to the addition of the small amount of the mineral Zinc to the product, which does provide many of the benefits that our Hemp Proteins are so great for. What we  suggest is that if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or wanting to give it to your children you seek the advice of your primary physician.

Is Hemp Protein suitable for my children?

As per the previous question unfortunately we cannot recommend our Hemp Protein range to children under the age of 15. However our Thriving Protein range has been designed specifically to address this issue and contains a multitude of wholefood vitamins and minerals necessary to support growth and development whilst being perfectly suitable for consumption from the age of 12 months . Therefore if you don’t desperately want your children on Hemp Protein we suggest going for our Thriving range. If you would really like to give our Hemp Protein to your children and you are comfortable with all of the ingredients we merely recommend speaking to your primary physician before doing so. 

Is Hemp Protein going to make me high?

Hemp does come from the same species of plant that the recreational drug marijuana is made from Cannabis spp. However there is one very big important difference between marijuana and hemp and that is the THC content of these two plants. THC is the active component found in marijuana that produces the ‘high’ experience. Hemp is bred without this active component and therefore it is impossible to get high from Hemp and seeing this is what our Hemp Proteins are made from.. it is impossible to get high from our Hemp Protein Range.

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Australia Australia

Green goodness

This protein has a slight hemp taste, good for adding to a smoothie and leaves most smoothies looking green. I like it knowing that it has all the green goodness and gut health necessities, but if you after something with a sweet, tasty flavour this might not be for you.

Pauline D.
Australia Australia

Hemp protein

Love the taste and sustains my energy levels

Pauline D.
Australia Australia

Hemp Protein powder

Love this, nutritious, tasty and great as a smoothie with Greek yoghurt, banana or blueberries, ****** olive oil, fresh ginger and kefir. Sustains my hunger til lunchtime

A Nutra Organics Customer
Ura A.
Australia Australia

Stumbled onto this miracle

My wife stumbled onto this product at our local IGA when our usual weight loss shake went out of production, and she liked the ingredient list. What a phenomenal fortunate event that was. This is hands down the best weight loss shake I have used. I am loosing 0.3 to 0.8kgs in a day, even if we eat out (not that I let my hair down too much). But seriously on days when I don’t expect to look at a lower number on the scales, I still do. Whoever put this shake together knows a thing or two about body chemistry and metabolism.

Singapore Singapore

My go to bfast or brunch

The taste is good, even better if you pair it with their hemp protein Berries. This product helps with my overall recovery and energy levels for the day. Keeps me ful the whole morning. Worth trying!

Georgia M.
Australia Australia


I always have struggled with proteins and I never finish them. This one I couldn’t finish fast enough - so yummy!

Sharee D.
Australia Australia

So Delicious!!

I absolutely love using my Creamy Vanilla Hemp Protein in my daily smoothy along with a spoonful of Collagen Beauty. Its smooth and creamy and tastes amazing!

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