Wholesome Christmas Grazing Board

Nestled between your epic Christmas lunch and dinner feasts, a grazing board is absolutely essential and is just as fun putting it together as it is digging in. Wow your family and friends this year with a memorable, wholesome spread that will be guaranteed to bring everyone around the Christmas table for good times.


Cashew cheese dip 

Beetroot dip 


Crackling Christmas Crackers 

Cherry Tomato Bombs 

Dutch carrot fresh and roasted






Zucchini flowers

Watermelon radish


Optional for styling: edible flowers, micro herbs, black sesame seeds, rosemary


The Wholefood Pantry Almonds

The Wholefood Pantry Cashews

The Wholefood Pantry Pepitas

The Wholefood Pantry Deglet Noir Dates

The Wholefood Pantry Belgium Dark Choc Buttons

Optional for styling: The Wholefood Pantry Hemp Seeds

1. Start by preparing everything that needs to be cooked (best to do this the day before to save time), including the dips, crackers, cherry tomato bombs and roasted carrots.

2. Cut all the fruit and veggies (on the day for optimal freshness)

3. Begin assembling your grazing board by placing the dips, cherry tomato bombs and roasted carrots on the table

4. Place the crackers close to the dips

5. Evenly place the fruits and veggies around the table, and try to balance the colour (not too much pink/red fruits right next to each other).

6. Fill in all the gaps with handfuls of olives, almonds, cashews, pepitas, dates and choc buttons.

Optional: style the dips with things like hemp seeds, black sesame seeds, micro herbs and edible flowers


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